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I am here to guide you on your path to the new you. You will not find just a simple coach but a friend and a community ready to help you when you need it most. Just remember that the first step to feeling better is to love yourself more.



I have always been an athletic person since I was a child. When I was about 3 I started swimming, I was actually very good but I always felt it was not the right sport for me so around 7 I told my parents that I wanted to start artistic gymnastics. That was SPORT right for me. I did a lot of competitions, I spent most of my days in the gym, sacrificing friendships and loves but that was my passion. I then decided to enroll in a sports high school and I graduated from the "Galilelo Galilei sports high school" in Italy. Then something changed, I decided to try a new path. I wanted to learn new languages ​​and be able to travel around the world. That was the beginning of my new way of seeing things. I graduated in "Linguistic and cultural mediation" at the University of Padua and in the meantime I have been a gymnastics instructor for an important gym in Treviso.


As soon as I finished my studies and graduated, I decided to leave "my girls" from the gym and fly to America. Yes, that was the turning point. I left my country for a year to work for Disney World. It changed my life, I changed completely. My mind and my way of thinking have changed, I made new acquaintances and I discovered that in addition to that small town in the Veneto there was more.

I cannot deny that it has been a wonderful year even though there have been ups and downs. Here I met what everyone calls a soul mate, Roberto, my husband and together we have been living here in Florida for 3 years. I never thought that in such a short time my life could change so much.

With sacrifice I managed to obtain the certification of personal trainer from one of the most important American academies NASM (National Academy Sport Medicine) and now I am here to follow my dream once again and to share my passion and my studies with all of you!




Gymnastics, as I said before, has given me a lot but I have always been dissatisfied with my body, with my lines. I didn't feel feminine at all. Too much muscle, so I decided to create a whole new program and share it with you. I experimented with exercises on myself that could help me slim down those thighs, less volume on my legs and get the shape I've always wanted. In this program you will find all of me, a coach first of all but also Deborah, a girl who has decided to leave her country in search of new adventures. My biggest dream now is this. My program designed to help each of you find the best shape of yourself.