Swollen legs are one of the most commons problems that women have, including me.
Some common questions:

  • What to do to improve swollen legs?
  • What are the causes of swollen legs?
  • What are the remedies?


This is a topic that particularly touches me. I have always suffered from this problem that didn't make me feel woman, feminine. After several attempts I managed to find the right path, a mix of healthy nutrition and targeted training tested on myself.

As you know, I come from an important sporting past, artistic gymnastics that made my legs look swollen and heavy. Full of liquids. Obviously there is also the wrong diet and genetics to add. I am quadriceps dominant which means that as soon as I train my legs my quadriceps start to increase in volume and to retain water. But let's see the various steps to improve this condition together.


Yes girls, at the base there must always be a healthy and balanced diet otherwise you will never be able to lower the percentage of fat mass and expel the liquids that your body and especially your legs retain. However, each of us has different needs and for those with special needs or certain pathologies to be treated, I always recommend that you contact a nutrition expert, such as nutritionists or dieticians. They will be able to guide you in a targeted program. Always remember that 80% of the work is done at the table!

Learn to eat well, make it your lifestyle and not a diet imposed by someone just to lose weight to be ready for the summer and you will see that with time and constancy you will be able to improve even those damn swollen legs step by step!


What kind of training do you do?

This also matters a lot. A woman shouldn't spend hours and hours on a treadmill or a bike, it will just make the situation worst (they are not activities to be demonized but they stress your legs a lot), 10/15 minutes of intense cardio are enough to then focus on the toning part. How ? Don't do too many squats, lunges, deadlifts with overloads at the end of the workout. Instead, focus on a workout whose focus is the glute, hamstrings; connect your mind to the muscle you are working.There is nothing more important than the mind-muscle connection. I have experienced this type of training on myself and have seen my body improve day by day. Every month I create new stimuli to never get bored and not to let your body get used to it. If I'm doing it you can do it very well too! Don't wait and go and discover my training methodology!


Girls unfortunately we can do almost nothing about this. If you have had an important sporting past or tend to retain fluids or have a dominant quadriceps the road will be a bit more uphill but this sure is not an excuse not to try to improve yourself. There will be just a little more work to do. Believe in yourself and you can go wherever you want.

Your coach

Deborah Medoro

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